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What is the QUTE Project?

The QUTE project is the restoration and electric conversion of a derelict 1975 Suzuki Carry.

This project is part of Queenwood's Advanced Technologies and Engineering Programs, which include curricular engineering and coding as well as a multitude of co curricular robotics, racing and creative pursuits.

the QUTE Project was started in early 2022, and all the work (save structural welding and metal cutting for safety reasons) has been carried out by the QUTE team of girls, from years 8-12.

When finished, the QUTE will be used as an eco-friendly runabout by the school, collecting the mail and doing deliveries across Queenwood's campuses. 

QUTE Specifications

  • Donor Vehicle: 1975 Suzuki Carry L61

  • Vehicle number: T 1 (yes #1!!!!)

  • Powertrain: 30kW Electric Motor, regen

  • Batteries: 36 8V Nissan Leaf batteries (run in 3 sets of 12 at 96V)

  • Brakes: drums all around (rebuilt with new shoes lines and hoses)

  • range: TBC, 120+km...

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