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QUTE in AFR April 22

Nice article from May 2022 at the beginning of the project.

Read it HERE

QUTE at Fully Charged Sydney March 23

Fully Charged is the biggest EV show in Australia. We were invited to showcase the partially completed QUTE over the weekend. The students were very busy!

FullyCharged.Show | Home Energy | Electric Vehicles

QUTE gets a visit from the Mayor, June 2023

QUTE at the Young Creator Conference at the Powerhouse
April 2023

The QUTE was part of the YCC for 2023. It was great to have the Powerhouse conservation staff carefully manoeuvre it into place for the show!

QUTE at Electrify Everything 9-11 February 2024

Our second year at this event, this time held at Homebush. a busy weekend!

QUTE at Smart Energy Exp, MLC Burwood 23 June 2024

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