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Thanks to...

Undertaking a project like this is impossible without the help of volunteers and the willingness of local businesses to be flexible when working with school students rather than industry professionals. Throughout this project we have been graced by some amazing volunteers:

  • David who has helped us with the electric motor mounting and been gracious with his time explaining his engineering approach to problem solving

  • Michael, the secretary of the AEVA, who has been a real boon in getting our battery setup and management systems underway

  • Graeme of OZDiy Electric Vehicles who has been a source of inspiration and advice

  • Bevan of Janus Electric for showing us the biggest EV truck to go with our smallest one!

As well as these volunteers we are very grateful to the following awesome companies who have done work for us:

  • OzDIY 

  • Northern Beaches Mobile Welding

  • Warringah Brake and Clutch

  • The Ball Joint Doctor

  • Pedders Hornsby

  • WW Shock Absorbers

  • Justintime Windscreens

  • DA Motor Trimming

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